How you can help

This project is a labor of love for the whole team and we are excited to be in the post-production phase. But there is a lot of work left to do. Your contribution will allow us to finish the film and help preserve an important element of the history of the Vietnam War.

There are two ways to help out:


We’re excited to be partnering with the Utah Film Center.  They are providing us with “fiscal sponsorship,” which allows us to use their non-profit status and makes all donations to us through them 100% tax-deductible.  You can access this option by clicking the Utah Film Center logo on the right side, and through this we’ll receive 95% of each donation, while the Utah Film Center retains 5% to cover administrative costs. For a PayPal option (not tax-deductible), click the PayPal logo on the left side.

All donations received through either channel will go directly into completing the film through our production company, Right Hand Man Productions LLC.  They will allow us to film additional interviews with Donut Dollies and Veterans, complete editing of the 100+ hours of footage we’ve amassed, create and license music for the score and soundtrack, and take care of all the other necessary steps of post-production (including the audio mix, color correction, etc.).  Your contribution will allow us to complete the most professional version of this film possible for film festival submissions, with the ultimate goal of theatrical and television releases.

With your help, we will be able to tell an amazing story and honor the 627 courageous young women who served in Vietnam as Donut Dollies.  Thank you for your donation and please spread the word about the Donut Dollies Documentary!

The Donut Dollies Documentary Team