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Completing a film is always a challenge.  However, our documentary’s director, Norm Anderson and the film’s producer, Jess Hill have proven track records of successfully completing projects at the highest level.

Norm Anderson (Director of the Donut Dollies Documentary - on left) and Jess Hill (Producer) as they prepare for filming in Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam
Norm Anderson (Director of the Donut Dollies Documentary – on left) and Jess Hill (Producer) as they prepare for filming in Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam

While still in his teens, Jess started working on film sets in various roles. After earning a degree in filmmaking and screenwriting from NYU, he worked on several feature films and then was involved in a company that created long-form projects for HBO, including “Alexander the Great” and “The Pacific.” Being bilingual, he helped develop two series, “The Flower Merchant” and “Titanic: Blood and Steel,” with an Italian company, The DeAngelis Group, and the Fremantle Corporation.  He recently completed work as producer on an untitled feature length film shot in Italy and Spain that will see international release later this year. Jess is very excited to be producing The Donut Dollies Documentary and has actually known Dorset since she babysat for him in the late 1970s.

Norm is a daytime Emmy nominated co-executive producer, writer and documentary filmmaker with credits on a variety of projects – from Discovery’s Shark Week to shows on A&E, CNBC, the CW, E!, Spike, VH1 and others. While earning an MFA from USC, he focused on screenwriting and documentary filmmaking and was mentored by Oscar-winning documentarian Mark Jonathan Harris. Since then, filmmaking projects have brought him to Cambodia, Malawi, Ghana, Europe, Peru and all over the States.

Furthermore, Norm’s personal connection to the project means his commitment to finishing the film is not only a matter of professional pride, but also a matter of deeply personal obligation.  In short, making this film is a promise he made to his Mom, so he’s got to keep it.


  1. DAVID JONES said:

    SWEET. Great idea for a doc. Now just need a great VO Talent to get the buzz & social media spin going.

    January 15, 2015
  2. Bob Reilly said:

    I would like to locate the Donut Dollie that arrived at FSB Fuller (Dong Ha Mountain) after an NVA attack on 11/19/69, even before the wounded were medevaced. I thanked her and all of the Dollies by including her in a song I wrote:

    “Come Home My Vietnam Vets” –

    – a picture of my Dollie is at the 2:41-mark

    Thanks to this Donut Dollie for her extraordinary compassion and courage!

    Bob Reilly
    Vietnam Veteran
    US Army
    6 BN 33RD ARTY

    July 9, 2018

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