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We’d also like to thank two Western Massachusetts recording artists for sharing their music for use in our introductory video. They are Celia Miller and Jim Kaminski.

Celia shared her songs “Land of the Free” and “Don’t Dance” from her acclaimed album, “Break”, which you can learn more about at

Jim Kaminski shared his song “I Cannot Help Myself” from his new album, “5”, which you can learn more about at




  1. Jack Vansworth said:

    I was lucky enough to have a wonderful “Dollie” as girlfriend in RVN. I came home with the her at the end of my year. These girls saved my sanity, especially near the end of my tour when I lost too many good friends. I have a few photos to share of our time at the Donut Dolly Hooch in An Khe and a group shot of the 4 girls that were with us in An Khe in 69/70. I would love to pay tribute to these brave and wonderful women that made our lives just a little bit better with a touch of “home”. I carried them many times out to LZ’s in the middle of II Corps, and took them swimming in Quy Nhon. They always had a smile and some cheer for you. CW2 John Vansworth “Stick”, “Gator 11” 119th AHC Pleiku/An Khe Jul 69- Jul 70.

    May 1, 2017
  2. Angela Buco said:

    I worked with USAID in Saigon 1969-1970 and several months at 3rd Field HOspital on Sat afternoons. On the day the military started pulling out in June 1969 I was on the stage after giving coffee and doughnuts to the military on the chinooks before the event. I was standing on the stage in a Red Cross uniform next to a military female officer. I have never seen a photo of this event with all our military standing during the speeches, etc. Is there a photo album of this event with the AP? or military.

    September 24, 2017
  3. Gregor Saveskie said:

    I just found your web page and it brought back many memories of my time in the US Army in Vietnam Sept 67 to Sept 69. I was an air traffic controller at Song Be, Dakto and my last year in Pleiku. As an ATC dude I often scrounged flights for Donut Dollies to locations they had to get to. I always had plenty of pilots ready to give these very brave ladies a lift to their destination. I am currently retired in Middleton Idaho, near Boise, and volunteer at the located in Nampa Idaho. We have very little in our displays at this fine organization. I would like to expand this. Please visit the site and let me know if can help. I will also talk to the Boss about the Donut Dollies. I salute you.

    July 3, 2019
  4. Gary D. Ford said:

    Dear Friends:

    I love your newsletter!

    As a magazine writer and book author, I’ve enjoyed seeing the emails. Through Texas Tech University Press, I published a book, “Rain In Our Hearts”, featuring the photographs of James Allen Logue, who served as an infantryman in Alpha Company, 4/31, 196th LIB, Americal Divison, from October 1969-October 1970. Jim was then and continues to be a professional photographer. The book concerns much more than “war stories” but life stories. Together he and I traveled the country and interviewed 70 from his company. Another interviewed was a DD featured in a photograph in the book with one of the infantrymen. This DD, whose mother was also a DD, went on to spend much of her life in humanitarian work. I’m wondering if I might write a small piece about her and publish the photograph of her with the infantryman on LZ West? In a way, this wonderful woman has spent much of her life in selfless work for great causes. Please let me know.

    February 12, 2021

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