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  1. Jay Tate said:

    Fond memories of our 101st DDs at Camp Eagle, 70-71. I remember the wonderful spirit they brought to our 101st Troopers. Always ready to serve with a warm and sincere smile, our DDs were such an inspiration to each of us who were fortunate to be in their company. As a Huey driver, I flew many of them to their assigned FSBs for the day. Their attitudes were always effervescent; their sincerity genuine, I‘ll always have a special place in my heart for Terre and Barb. They were on to us whenever we’d fly over to Eagle Pad to pick them up. They knew that upon their approach to the chopper we’d usually put a little pitch in the blade. They’d always approached making sure they held their skirts down close while juggling those big bags. And, they loved their bonney hats…adorned with all these unit crests. God bless the DDs. We need a DD monument at/near The Wall. They meant that much to us….and that’s where they need to be recognized!

    June 11, 2020

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